Sharon Copland

53 year old Scottish, entrepreneur, Sharon Copland has spent 30 years building a few successfull wellness businesses and raising 2 amazing children. She developed an interest for helping others from a young age but it was mindset development that really sparked her passion and took her learning in a different direction after years of working with the physical body as a therapist. She has since then worked with thousands of people helping with their mind and body issues. The past 11 years has been a tough journey for Sharon and life has taken her on a personal rollercoaster that would have destroyed most but with each knock she has risen stronger than before. She wants to share her story, which will hopefully inspire and show that even after the darkest of days with the right mindset you can get through it and shine again! No matter how many times your life throws you a plot twist which changes your life forever…..

Anxiety coach, massage therapist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, mind and body mechanic, vilomah